Dialogue begins . . .

Our Big Lunch was a celebration — we were thrilled to have the opportunity of introducing ourselves to Canterbury’s community and in beginning to dialogue in such a cheerful atmosphere.

We reached another milestone on 22nd July when we met with officers from Canterbury City Council. They confirmed they will work with the Trust and support our work during the coming year. Ensuring the Westgate Hall has a viable financial future as a community centre will be the focus. Persuading and reassuring the Council that this will be the case will take energy and dedidication.

The Council’s decision to keep the Hall open an additional six months has reinforced this constructive climate. Bookings are now possible until June 2011.

As for our business strategy, we have already begun work on refining the business plan we presented to the Council in April this year.

Feedback for our questionnaire is helping shape our approach. If you haven’t had a chance, please fill one in now by clicking here!